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Imagine... An Allergy Remedy That Is GUARANTEED to

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Dear Friend & Allergy Sufferer,


  Would you like to experience fast and lasting pain relief from the sneezing, wheezing, coughing, itching, watery eyes (need I continue?) caused by your allergies… without having to use dangerous drugs… drugs that often times leave you feeling lethargic and tired… so You can enjoy a life Free of allergies and the side-effects of the medications. 


     As part of our ongoing research, we have been able to develop and introduce a rather amazing high-speed allergy relief System that an increasing number of physicians use when they have allergies. 


     This is not therapy… this doesn’t involve painful injections… and this is not just another drug cocktail brewed up after experimenting on lab rats and alley dogs.  (In fact, I recommend you never fool with drugs at all, ever.  I’ve seen doctors prescribe dangerous drugs for allergies, often times leaving patients feeling frustrated, depressed and unable to function.  Amazing… the medications caused the same effect that chronic allergies have… frustration, fatigue, malaise, depression and an inability to function!  As you’ll soon see, the use of dangerous drugs is completely unnecessary!)  This is not an experiment either. 


Listen:   Tens-of-thousands of patients across the country have already used this same state-of-the-art, step-by-step rapid allergy elimination System to eradicate your runny nose; watery, itching, and burning eyes; skin irritations; sneezing; hives; and the madness and frustration that accompany those allergies …effortlessly.   It’s not fair that they have such easy access to the secrets revealed in “The System”, while you don’t.   


     If I’m right, you’ve never tried anything like this before.   


The bottom line is that thousands of patients who suffer with allergies across the country have enjoyed mind-boggling success with “The System” that’s been in use for nearly five years now.  I believe I’ve finally discovered the hidden key needed to achieve an even higher-speed, allergy relief system… it’s the solution that so many of us have been praying for.   


This amazing new medical breakthrough is responsible for cracking the back pain code for thousands of FORMER pain sufferers.  Many previously tried everything and were thought to be hopeless cases.  Many that were told – “We’ve done all we can do for you, you’re just going to have to live with the allergies (many having to take medications daily for the rest of their lives),” are now ALLERGY FREE.   


Know this:   This report is more than just how OTHER people have overcome their allergies and suffering.  Much more.  It reveals exactly how YOU can too. 


§  Imagineliving the rest of YOUR life ALLERGY FREE.


§  Imagine… waking up tomorrow morning with YOUR ALLERGIES GONE… permanently!


§  Imagine… how much easier YOUR life would be if you could just be ALLERGY FREE…. once and for all


There really is an easy way.   In this report, I’m going to let you “peek behind the curtain” and reveal the “System” that has changed the lives of thousands of good folks just like you… folks who used to (needlessly) suffer, but now enjoy a quality pain-free life that they once thought was reserved  for a lucky few.  I’m also going to give you an opportunity to “test-drive” this System… absolutely risk-free with no strings attached. 


     I realize this sounds almost too amazing to be true, but the facts are undeniable.  As a doctor who both treats patients and has overseen several large research programs, I absolutely cannot stretch the truth of these astonishing results. 


     This incredible System completed its final phase of testing almost two years ago.  In order to rid yourself of the runny nose; itchy watery eyes; sneezing; itching skin; used by those “bad” discs, just follow “The System” step-by-step, and go about your day as usual.    


  Thousands of doctors across the country are saying this amazing new technology has revolutionized how allergy patients are approached for care and in the near future may likely put prescription and over-the-counter medications (and other ineffective treatments such as allergy shots) on the same shelf as bloodletting and leach therapy


Thousands of patients have finally found relief after years of suffering, even if suffering as they took medications that actually made them (and possibly you too) worse.  With this new technology, it’s obvious they could have been ALLERGY FREE without going through the expense of doctor’s visits… medications… and the continual battle that allergies bring to your life. 


The Facts Are In & Experts Agree:   Allegra® and Claritin® have not turned out to be he “Holy Grail” for ALLERGY Sufferers after all… In fact, many of the newer medications appear to yield more disappointing than positive results for allergy sufferers. 


DID YOU KNOW A 2009 article in the prestigious Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2009 January - studied patients who suffered with over three dozen of the most common allergies on record and 99% of the patients were told that they would get either a moderate or great improvement in their quality of life after treatment with these meds.  The shocking results of this study found that in reality 39% did not even have minimal improvement… with some of these patients ending up with even greater suffering than what they experienced prior to the treatment with these potentially (very) dangerous drugs. 


DID YOU KNOWThere’s a term that’s being used at an alarming rate this days in medical circles - “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”.  The research published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that the greatest single risk factor (most likely cause) for developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome… is to be treated with these new allergy medications over long periods of time (>4 months)!   


Huh?  Yeah, that’ what I said too.  Your risk for developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (in addition to still suffering from your allergies!) is radically increased when you are subjected to taking these medications for just a few months… and many allergy sufferers (likely you too) have been taking allergy shots and prescription medications for years… sometimes decades (and longer) .   


If that scares you… it should.  A word of caution here…I am not saying that allergy shots and/or treatment with over-the-counter and/or prescription medications should never be considered.  In some situations medical intervention must occur in order to save a life… in those and similar cases treatments using medications can certainly be supported. 


But Then Common Sense Asks You: “Why would YOU continue subjecting yourself to medications (that have negative side effects on you)… medications that don’t cure your allergies but simply mask the symptoms… when there is a great non-invasive option that is 

GUARANTEED to eliminate your allergies… PERMANENTLY!... 


Once you begin the “System”… (The only ALLERGY ELMINATION SYSTEM in existence (that NEVER uses drugs of any kind) your immune response system to repair more and more, and your body will begin (to heal) like crazy.  After you get two or three days into “The System”, you’ll feel your body begin to become relaxed (without having to take a single drug) and full of energy…and all the while you continue to feel better and better.  


The Allergies and the symptoms that have plagued and tormented you will disappear faster than you ever believed possible.  Effortlessly. 


     Believe it or not, 99% of our patients were completely ALLERGY-FREE in an average of 8-weeks (many less than that)…without having to take any dangerous drugs… and without having to undergo one painful steroid injection! Even better, several patients reported that their allergies had decreased nearly 60% during the very first week, and continued to improve steadily for the next 7 weeks!   


Imagine how thrilled You’ll be when you suddenly see a new &  

vibrant more energetic ALLERGY-FREE YOU in Your Mirror! 


     How can you get such awesome results?  Simple:  By resetting your body’s immune response with low-intensity lasers so that the nerves in your immune system won’t react like they’ve been soaking in battery acid.  It’s more WAY MORE EFFECTIVE eliminating the cause of your allergies than simply treating the symptoms… without the risks and expense.  What this “System” does is to reset over 10,000 immune response mechanisms in your body at a high rate of speed….  Very high speed.   


  So you could experience relief from ALL of the allergies you suffer with… and you can do it just as fast as a super-conditioned athlete could – and the best part is that you don’t need to consciously work at it! 


     Imagine seeing more results in a week than you have in a lifetime with doctors you seen previously.  Even some of our “problem” patients… patients who had lost all hope of ever becoming allergy (and drug) free in these problem areas experienced massive relief in less than a week while using “The System”! 


     I’m not kidding.  When you begin “The System”, you’ll start to see results immediately. The System” is so effective that you’ll begin to feel noticeable changes “overnight”.  We tell patients that it’s not unreasonable to “expect” extraordinary relief in as little as one week after starting “The System.” 


Some patients even say they can “feel” the inflammation and irritation in their body beginning to melt away. 


    The System” does not require the use of dangerous drugs, and it’s safe for anyone to use… even if you’re taking prescription medication when we begin.  So you don’t have to worry at all.  We’ve used “The System” with spectacular results in clinical trials for over five years now at the Center for Health & Longevity. 


     And I’ve not had a single complaint or problem!  I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that anyone (who qualifies) can use “The System” with complete confidence. 



What’s more, the BEST and FASTEST results seem to happen for people


who have suffered with the most severe allergies 


     Here’s why:  Once your immune response system begins to break down and inflammation sets in (it’s like little deposits of battery acid floating around your nerves), you could take every prescription medication under the sun and you’d still have those nasty pockets of inflammation attacking these immune networks of nerves.     


     In fact, taking allergy medication “too long” will only make your body “panic” which results in even greater inflammation and irritation to the nerves… which quite simply, causes you to experience more severe allergies… more often!  So even if the medication does help your allergies overall, you may be left with even more inflammation that is nearly impossible to “eliminate” which results in a vicious cycle.  That’s not the least of your problems as I mentioned a bit earlier in this report that the #1 ‘Syndrome’ that patients suffer with (as a result of taking allergy medications) is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome… which can become a serious threat to your health. 


     That’s why “The System” makes so much sense.  There’s no in-home therapy…you go through each day normally, and soon you’ll be enjoying all the activities you love.  Because The System eliminates the inflammation in your immune networks rapidly…it literally “forces” your body to return to a normal healthy state of function…which means you don’t experience ALLERGIES any longer! 


     And all this happens very quickly!  You can start to experience amazing and lasting allergy relief in as little as 24-hours!  In fact, “The System” is so effective at helping even the most “problem patients” who suffer with allergies…. experts feel it may soon “de-throne” allergy shots/allergy medication treatment as America’s most effective program for successfully treating those who suffer with allergies.    


     Quite simply, I believe this is the most amazing (non-medication, non-injection) program for the elimination of allergies ever seen in this country.  It does not require a prescription and works automatically.   


     What more could you ask for?  I’m convinced it’s high time that every person who suffers with ALLERGIES is told about this “System”.  That’s why I’m writing to you now.  By calling our Wellness Center and scheduling your discreet, “no-obligation” consultation, we’ll be able to determine if you qualify for this “System”… and the good news is this:  Patients who ‘qualify’ for and begin the “System” are Guaranteed to Succeed!  That’s right… you can say goodbye to those horrible allergies… forever! 


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  You’ll get to see everything first hand and find out if this “System” will be your allergy-relief solution like it has been for so many other former allergy sufferers as outlined in well documented studies we’ve engaged in. 


Here’s how you can benefit:   If you (or any of your friends or family) suffer with allergies… take medication for allergies (or even think you may have allergies), go ahead and call our office at   586-838-1108 and reserve your appointment (while they remain).  When you call and schedule your discreet, “no-strings attached – no obligation” consultation you will also qualify to receive a “Allergy-Severity Assessment and Qualification Test for this “System” for only $49.97 (normally $139.97). 


Here’s How You Can Benefit:   Simply be one of the first 37 callers to contact our office and reserve your consultation.  During your appointment, we’ll reveal cutting-edge secrets that doctors use when they suffer with itching, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, hives, runny nose, runny eyes, and so much more as a result of Allergies…  


Then we’ll determine if you’re qualified for our specialized program , and we’ll give you the information necessary to help you start living an allergy-free, normal, healthy, and active life again… immediately!   


     That’s all there is to it.  If you qualify for “The System” you can begin experiencing an allergy-free life…literally overnight!  You can be “on the road” to a happier, healthier, better-rested, more energetic, more confident, and allergy-free “New You” in just a matter of days!   



     People just like you deserve to know about this amazing new System, and they deserve to hear about it soon.  Thank you so much for your help in getting the message out to the thousands of people in our area who need (and will benefit from)  the “System”. 


Giving You An Allergy-Free Life of Health & Longevity


Dr. James Osiwala


James Osiwala 

Vice President – Center for Health and Longevity 



P.S. One last thought – it’s important.  If you have any questions about this amazing, rapid and revolutionary System for getting rid of even the most difficult of allergies… please don’t hesitate to ask me during your consultation. 


P.S.S. Remember… You’ll also receive an exciting FREE BONUS (value - $125.00) when you arrive for your discreet, no-obligation consultation.


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